License: MIT

contract BondtrollerV1Storage

Constants info

isBondtroller (0xc311ab3c)

bool constant isBondtroller = true

watermark that says that this is Bondtroller

State variables info

admin (0xf851a440)

address admin

Administrator for this contract

oracle (0x7dc0d1d0)

address oracle

Oracle which gives the price of any given asset

closeFactorMantissa (0xe8755446)

uint256 closeFactorMantissa

Multiplier used to calculate the maximum repayAmount when liquidating a borrow

liquidationIncentiveMantissa (0x4ada90af)

uint256 liquidationIncentiveMantissa

Multiplier representing the discount on collateral that a liquidator receives

maxAssets (0x94b2294b)

uint256 maxAssets

Max number of assets a single account can participate in (borrow or use as collateral)

accountAssets (0xdce15449)

mapping(address => contract BToken[]) accountAssets

Per-account mapping of "assets you are in", capped by maxAssets

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