License: MIT

contract BondtrollerV2Storage is BondtrollerV1Storage

Structs info


struct Market {
	bool isListed;
	uint256 collateralFactorMantissa;
	bool isComped;

State variables info

accountMembership (0x9ace3ada)

mapping(address => mapping(address => bool)) accountMembership

Per-market mapping of "accounts in this asset"

markets (0x8e8f294b)

mapping(address => struct BondtrollerV2Storage.Market) markets

Official mapping of BTokens -> Market metadata

Used e.g. to determine if a market is supported

pauseGuardian (0x24a3d622)

address pauseGuardian

The Pause Guardian can pause certain actions as a safety mechanism. Actions which allow users to remove their own assets cannot be paused. Liquidation / seizing / transfer can only be paused globally, not by market.

_mintGuardianPaused (0x3c94786f)

bool _mintGuardianPaused

_borrowGuardianPaused (0xe6653f3d)

bool _borrowGuardianPaused

transferGuardianPaused (0x87f76303)

bool transferGuardianPaused

seizeGuardianPaused (0xac0b0bb7)

bool seizeGuardianPaused

mintGuardianPaused (0x731f0c2b)

mapping(address => bool) mintGuardianPaused

borrowGuardianPaused (0x6d154ea5)

mapping(address => bool) borrowGuardianPaused

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