License: MIT

contract BTokenStorage

Structs info


struct BorrowSnapshot {
	uint256 principal;
	uint256 interestIndex;

Constants info

protocolSeizeShareMantissa (0x6752e702)

uint256 constant protocolSeizeShareMantissa = 2.8e16

Share of seized collateral that is added to reserves

State variables info

name (0x06fdde03)

string name

EIP-20 token name for this token

symbol (0x95d89b41)

string symbol

EIP-20 token symbol for this token

decimals (0x313ce567)

uint8 decimals

EIP-20 token decimals for this token

admin (0xf851a440)

address payable admin

Administrator for this contract

pendingAdmin (0x26782247)

address payable pendingAdmin

Pending administrator for this contract

bondtroller (0x25358647)

contract Bondtroller bondtroller

Contract which oversees inter-cToken operations

interestRateModel (0xf3fdb15a)

contract InterestRateModel interestRateModel

Model which tells what the current interest rate should be

reserveFactorMantissa (0x173b9904)

uint256 reserveFactorMantissa

Fraction of interest currently set aside for reserves

accrualBlockNumber (0x6c540baf)

uint256 accrualBlockNumber

Block number that interest was last accrued at

borrowIndex (0xaa5af0fd)

uint256 borrowIndex

Accumulator of the total earned interest rate since the opening of the market

totalBorrows (0x47bd3718)

uint256 totalBorrows

Total amount of outstanding borrows of the underlying in this market

totalReserves (0x8f840ddd)

uint256 totalReserves

Total amount of reserves of the underlying held in this market

totalSupply (0x18160ddd)

uint256 totalSupply

Total number of tokens in circulation

accountTokens (0xa19d1460)

mapping(address => uint256) accountTokens

Official record of token balances for each account

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