License: MIT

contract MockToken is ERC20

Functions info


    string memory name,
    string memory symbol,
    uint8 decimalsToken
) ERC20(name, symbol)

mint (0x40c10f19)

function mint(address account, uint256 amount) public

decimals (0x313ce567)

function decimals() public view override returns (uint8)

Returns the number of decimals used to get its user representation. For example, if decimals equals 2, a balance of 505 tokens should be displayed to a user as 5.05 (505 / 10 ** 2).

Tokens usually opt for a value of 18, imitating the relationship between Ether and Wei. This is the default value returned by this function, unless it's overridden.

NOTE: This information is only used for display purposes: it in no way affects any of the arithmetic of the contract, including {IERC20-balanceOf} and {IERC20-transfer}.

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