Platform Overview

The Fringe Finance platform offers the following compelling benefits for its various participants:


Value Proposition


Lenders can be institutional lenders, high net-worth individuals or any

crypto-asset holders who wish to receive more attractive interest rates as

compared to what they often receive in the traditional banking system. They

do this by lending out their crypto asset holdings on the Fringe Lending



Borrowers who have conviction of the upside price opportunity of their

assets can now put them to productive work instead of just waiting idly for

their price to appreciate by taking out loans within the Fringe Lending facility.

They can also mint USB stablecoins on the Fringe USB Stablecoin platform

and deploy them as they see fit elsewhere in the crypto economy.

DAOs and Project


A DAO or project treasury enjoys the same benefits as borrowers and


A project can deploy their treasury onto Fringe so that they can take out

loans for project expenditure or invest in new initiatives without needing to

sell their project tokens. This has the additional benefit of removing from

market supply the tokens they use as loan collateral, resulting in a positive

impact for the price of their project token.

A project can also lend out their treasury on the Fringe Lending facility.

Fringe has integrated support for multisig wallets so that projects can

maintain their trust minimization through the use of multisig access.

USB Saver

Any participant in the crypto economy who holds the USB stablecoin can deposit their USB in the USB Stablecoin Saving facility to receive interest payments.


Fringe Staking aims to offer rewards for staking of various

assets to incentivize token holding and staking to benefit the Fringe

ecosystem and community.

Staking assets will include FRIN tokens,

relevant Liquidity Provider tokens, fTokens (Fringe Finance’s

interest-bearing tokens received by lenders) and others. Staking rewards will

be offered variously in relation to both long-term and short-term staking

incentivization schemes.

FRIN token holders can opt to stake their FRIN tokens to receive rewards

derived from fees charged on the Fringe Finance Platform.

FRIN Stakers will also be able to participate in directing the evolution of the

platform via voting for DAO proposals.

Liquidators help keep the platform stable by liquidating positions that fall below minimum collateralization levels – and receive the liquidated collateral assets at a discount – which they can sell on the open market to realize a profit.


Fringe Finance offers traders the ability to take leveraged positions to

maximize potential gains.

Fringe Amplify allows a trader to gain leveraged exposure to an asset.

Fringe Margin Trade allows a trader to gain leveraged exposure to an asset


The Fringe Finance platform consists of the following facilities, offering different functionalities:


  • Fringe Lending: A lending facility that accepts a wide range of collateral asset types and multiple capital (borrowing) assets. It:

    • Rewards lenders for depositing (whitelisted) capital assets made available to be lent to borrowers and traders.

    • Allows borrowers to take out over-collateralized loans against whitelisted collateral assets.

    • Allows liquidators to liquidate part of a borrower’s loan that falls below minimum collateralization levels.


  • Fringe Staking: Allows FRIN token holders and other asset holders to stake assets to earn staking rewards. Fringe Staking supports multiple staking programs to incentivize users to participate in various ways within the Fringe Ecosystem. The system pays rewards to staked positions. Staking rewards are paid from the Rewards Pool for each staking program.

  • Fringe Amplify: A leveraged trading facility that allows traders to gain leveraged long exposure to an asset in relation to its USD price.

  • Fringe Margin Trade: A leveraged trading facility that allows traders to gain leveraged exposure to an asset pair.

  • USB Stablecoin: A facility where borrowers mint and borrow stablecoins against their altcoin collateral and where USB stablecoin holders can stake USB to earn interest.

  • Governance: Allows a Project to apply for listing on the USB Stablecoin facility. I.e., where USB Collateral Safes accept the project’s ERC-20 token as collateral against which borrowers can mint USB.

For further description of the platform, see the Fringe Finance Whitepaper available on our homepage

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