Staking Platform

The Fringe Finance Staking Platform aims to offer rewards for staking of various assets to incentivize token holding and staking to benefit the Fringe ecosystem and community. Staking assets will include FRIN tokens, relevant liquidity provider tokens, fTokens (Fringe Finance’s interest-bearing tokens received by lenders), and others. Some staking rewards will be temporary, and others permanent.
FRIN token holders can opt to stake their FRIN tokens to receive rewards derived from fees charged on the Fringe Finance Platform. Rewards are paid from the Rewards Pool for each staking asset. The Rewards Pools are funded by the Fringe Treasury from fees collected by the platform, by partners wishing to incentivize awareness of their project, by the Fringe Treasury to incentivize various participation (such as to lenders for staking fTokens, to liquidity providers, etc). Rewards are paid as follows:
The use cases of the Staking platform are depicted in the following diagram:
The mechanism of the fee collection, conversion to FRIN tokens and FRIN token Rewards payout is presented in the diagram below:
Fee collection, conversion to FRIN and FRIN Rewards payouts mechanism.