Fringe Finance’s roadmap involves a three-version release as of June 2023. These versions’ key components are:

Fringe Finance v1 (live):

Lending and Borrowing, a non-custodial, permissionless DeFi lending facility, decentralized money market that enables users to lend and borrow various crypto assets. It provides more accessible lending and borrowing options for both well-known and lesser-known assets.

Fringe Finance v2:

v2 will feature the addition of two trading facilities, as well as the multi-chain expansion of Fringe to four new chains. It also features partial liquidations, atomic loan repayments, support for LP tokens as collateral, platform fees distribution, dynamic interest rate model targeting utilization rates for capital optimization, Multi-sig support for DAOs.

The new added facilities are the following:

Margin Trading (V2.2), a facility that enables users to take leveraged positions on various asset pairs, offering more trading options and flexibility. Users can choose their base or "quote" asset, select the amount of margin they want to add to the trade and gain exposure according to the direction they believe the market will take.

Amplify (V2.2), a trading facility that allows users to magnify their exposure to a specific asset by taking a leveraged long position. By using loan-to-value ratios, traders can multiply their exposure and amplify potential gains, while being aware of the associated risks.

Fringe Finance V3 (2024):

v3 introduces a new facility, a novel oracle model designed to prevent manipulation attacks and safely list a large number of assets for decentralized lending, and pooled collateral.

USB Stablecoin facility: A fully decentralized solution to mint stablecoins using a wide basket of altcoin collaterals in a lending-based system.

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