What is Fringe Finance?

Fringe Finance's release of V2 introduces key enhancements to its DeFi lending and trading platform, centering on a new price oracle model to protect against market price manipulation and ensure more reliable pricing. The updated platform also includes a partial liquidation model, reducing costs and market impact on borrowers during liquidations. Additionally, it launches spot margin trading facilities, offering reduced price impacts for traders taking leveraged positions. Fringe is distinct to many other lending platforms in that we do not rehypothecate collateral used to secure borrowing, resulting in greater security for lenders' capital in the event of market downturns and no loss of control for borrowers' collateral assets.

These updates collectively aim to reduce costs, expand the platform's utility, and increase safety for all users. Other key differentiators include support for 150+ assets across five chains, multisig wallet support, a capital-efficient interest rate model and atomic repayments. Fringe V2 represents a commitment to improving the DeFi ecosystem, providing robust, cost-efficient, and secure solutions for a diverse range of users.

Fringe Finance is dedicated to unlocking the capital in both large-cap and speculative cryptoassets through a variety of products and services, including lending, borrowing, leveraged trading, staking, and other financial facilities. Holders who believe in the upside price opportunity of their tokens can now put them to work instead of just waiting idly for their price to appreciate.

Smaller altcoins are often new or apply to niche use cases. The capital locked in these smaller altcoin assets often cannot easily be deployed into the DeFi ecosystem due to a lack of broad support by DeFi platforms.

Fringe Finance solves this problem by accepting a large variety assets including smaller altcoin assets as collateral for loans and also as lending tokens. Fringe Finance has devised a bespoke protocol to maintain the stability and financial protection of the platform.

Fringe Finance continues to deliver on its vision to innovate with solid protocol engineering with future features of cross-chain collateralization, fixed-interest loans, a truly decentralized UI, a decentralized stablecoin, and embedded DeFi insurance. Our to-date deliveries of broad multi-asset support, multi-chain (Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, zkSync), spot margin trading, atomic repayments, a capital-efficient interest rate model, multi-source price feeds, market-manipulation-resistant price stability model, non-rehypothecation safety model, LP token collateral support, partial liquidations and decentralised backend provides a platform rich in features to service the growing crypto economy. The Fringe Finance platform will sustainably adapt through transitioning governance to the Fringe Finance DAO so that its community of stakeholders can best guide its future direction.


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