Fringe Staking

Fringe Staking aims to offer rewards for staking of various assets to incentivize token holding and staking to benefit the Fringe ecosystem and community. Staking assets will include FRIN tokens, relevant liquidity provider tokens, fTokens (Fringe Finance’s interest-bearing tokens received by lenders) and others.

Staking rewards will be offered variously in relation to both long-term and short-term staking incentivization schemes. FRIN token holders can opt to stake their FRIN tokens to receive rewards. FRIN Stakers will also be able to participate in directing the evolution of the platform via voting for DAO proposals.

Fringe Staking interactions are depicted in the following diagram:

Staking rewards

Rewards are paid from the Rewards Pool for each staking asset. The Rewards Pools are funded in various ways, including from the Fringe Treasury and by partners wishing to incentivize awareness of their project.

Rewards are paid as follows:


Staking Asset

Rewards Asset


Source of Rewards

FRIN holders







Receives a share of fees collected by the platform.

Permanent rewards scheme.

Will allow voting on governance proposals once the Fringe

DAO is live.


Platform fees pool


Project token rewards periodically offered to $FRIN stakers

(in addition to $FRIN rewards).

There will be support for multiple project token rewards


(** future - once multi-asset rewards capabilities are live.)

Funded by partner





To bootstrap and incentivize adoption, lenders stake their

fTokens to receive $FRIN rewards in addition to the interest

they receive on their fTokens.

Periodic rewards scheme.


Liquidity providers

FRIN markets LP tokens (e.g. UniV2 ERC20 LP tokens)


Periodically incentivizing liquidity providers to external trading markets.

Liquidity providers stake LP tokens and receive $FRIN rewards. e.g. UniV2 ERC20 LP tokens.

For example, incentivize $FRIN markets. Alternatively, incentivizing trading markets for any token we list as collateral. This latter example is to sustain the debt limit lending parameter for a collateral token as may be required.


Fixed interest LP tokens


Fringe may wish to provide Incentives for LP providers to supply liquidity to markets related to Fringe’s upcoming fixed interest solution.


USB holders



USB savers receive rewards in $USB for staking ("saving") their USB stablecoins.

Note: the term ‘saver’ (rather than “staker”) is intentionally

used given the user can use the USB Saver facility to earn

interest on their USB. This is akin to “staking” but occurs via

the USB Saving facility.

Permanent rewards scheme.

Interest paid by borrowers on their loans on USB Savings.


To bootstrap and incentivize adoption, $USB stakers receive $FRIN tokens in addition to interest for saving USB stablecoins.