v2.2 marks the official launch of two leveraged trading facilities: Amplify and Margin trading.

Margin Trade will provide users with the flexibility to choose their own pair of assets to trade against, rather than just trading against the US dollar. This will allow traders to select the base or “quote” asset of their choice, expanding the range of available trading options.

Amplify, on the other hand, will allow users to magnify their exposure to a specific asset by taking a leveraged long position. This means that anyone can put down a deposit and receive amplified exposure to the asset they choose to trade, in this case, in relation to its US dollar value.

Both features will offer robust security measures to protect users’ assets and provide a seamless trading experience.

New price oracle model

In decentralized finance, oracles play a critical role in providing accurate and up-to-date information on asset prices. Fringe has devised a novel price oracle model to augment our price feeds from Chainlink, Pyth and UniswapV3 to protect the platform from malicious attacks and price manipulation.

Fringe improved price oracle model allows the platform to safely list as many assets as possible within our lending and trading ecosystem. By diversifying our oracle sources and integrating multiple trusted providers, we aim to minimize the risk of manipulation and increase the overall security of our platform. This innovative approach ensures a more resilient price feed and fosters a healthier and more competitive lending and trading ecosystem.

Fringe's new oracle price model creates a flexible and scalable system that supports adding new assets and financial instruments as the DeFi market continues to grow and evolve. This adaptability is crucial for maintaining a thriving lending ecosystem, as it empowers Fringe to respond effectively to our users' changing needs and demands.

The new oracle price model is specially designed to also compliment Fringe’s partial liquidation model, offering a comprehensive and cohesive approach to risk management on our platform. By combining these two features, we can better protect our users by mitigating the impact of potential price manipulation, maximize protection of lender assets and minimize costs to borrowers. This, in turn, builds trust in our platform and ensures a more secure environment for all participants.

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